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10 tips on the use of the air conditioner

10 tips on the efficient use of the air conditioner
10 tips on the use of the air conditioner

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With the arrival of the great heat and tropical temperatures that touch 40 degrees, the race for air conditioners started . To facilitate efficient use, optimizing cooling without overheating bills, we have put online 10 tips on the use of the air conditioner. It will help you to avoid waste and wrong behavior, without succumbing to the heat.

Keep an eye on the energy class:

The first advice for the ‘intelligent’ use of air conditioning starts with the choice of the air conditioner. If you don’t have it, models in energy class A or higher are a better case. They consume much less than others.

Prefer inverters:

Choose a device equipped with this technology, because it adapts the power to the actual need and reduces the switching on and off cycles.

Remember the Eco-bonus:

There are deductions from IRPEF for the year 2021.

Attention to installation:

It is important to place the air conditioner in the upper part of the wall. Cold air tends to descend and will mix more easily with hot air which tends to rise. Avoid placing the air conditioner behind sofas or curtains: the barrier effect blocks the diffusion of fresh air.

Do not waste air conditioning:

Every room needs its own air conditioning. It is not correct to install a powerful air conditioner in the corridor hoping that it will cool the whole house. The only result is to have a cold shot every time you pass through the corridor going to one room to another. In this way, you cool only one room.

Do not leave doors and windows open:

It seems trivial, but this avoids heating the air inside.

Remember to insulate the refrigerant circuit pipes outside the house:

If it is directly to the sun, for sure it will be in damage.  It is also good to make sure that the external part of the air conditioner is not directly exposed to the sun and bad weather.

Be careful not to cool the room too much:

Two or three degrees lower than the outside temperature is enough. Often it is enough to activate only the “dehumidification” function, because it is the humidity present in the air that makes one perceive a much higher temperature than the real one.

Do not forget to use the timer and the “night” function:

It minimizes the time the appliance is switched on.

Finally, pay attention to cleaning and proper maintenance:

Clean the air filters and fans at the first seasonal start-up and at least every two weeks. The molds and bacteria that are harmful to health easily lurk there. If they are damaged they must be replaced. It is also important to check the tightness of the gas circuit.

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