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What to do in case of rust or mold on your pipes?

What to do in case of rust or mold on your pipes?

The pipeline is a very fragile system that must be maintained regularly. The causes of its degradation are multiple and among the most frequent, we find rust and mold. They can be located almost anywhere on the plumbing, be it pipes, joints, faucets, and others. What damage does mold and rust cause to pipes? Zoom in on these phenomena and the means of avoiding them to keep your plumbing as healthy as possible.

The causes and effects of rust and mold

Mold and rust only appear in certain situations. Indeed, these are the products of degradation and lack of maintenance of your equipment. But the triggers can be multiple.

What to know about rust

In truth, rust is due to the presence of iron. It is found in large amounts in drinking water and can cause the oxidation of pipes if not removed quickly. When chemicals are used to unclog pipes in Jacksonville, it can cause damage to the pipes. In this case, it is mainly rust which is noticeable by the transformation of the pipes into a red-orange color or even sometimes water if it reaches the main source. This type of degradation can lead to the appearance of other damage such as the cracking of the channels.

The impacts of mold

Apart from rust, humidity can also be a source of mold. This happens especially in cases where the pipes are not well-ventilated. Moisture from broken grout can also be very dangerous in both cases. One of the main dangers of mold is the sanitary point. Indeed, the latter is often the cause of diseases of all kinds. Especially since it tends to clog the pipe over time.

Tips to make unclogging drains easier

act quickly to make unblocking pipes in Jacksonville easier. If need help dealing with this kind of situation, here are some tips that you can easily use.

Products to use at home

It is quite possible to use chemicals to limit the damage of rust and mold. These are sold in specialized shops or supermarkets and are more or less easy to use. By following the instructions mentioned on these products, it is quite possible to do the maintenance of your pipe yourself.

Hire a professional drain to unclog

The maintenance of the pipeline requires a certain know-how. And since the products are not always very safe and effective, it is sometimes wiser to call on a professional unclogging pipe in Jacksonville. With their experience, they will be able to perform this type of task more easily.

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