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Why should lead pipes be replaced?

Why should lead pipes be replaced?

A directive related to the replacement of lead pipes entered into force, for health reasons. However, until now this regulation is not taken seriously and is not subject to any control by the public authorities. Most of us, therefore, wonder if this replacement work still needs to be done. You will find the answer in this article.

The causes of the change in lead pipes

In order to know the reason for this standard, you will have to refer to the presence of lead in water. Indeed, according to this directive, the maximum lead content authorized in water is 10 micrograms per liter instead of 25. 

The effect of lead pipes on health

According to a study conducted by the WHO (World Health Organization), even with low lead content, lead poisoning can affect a child’s intelligence, and cause behavioral problems and learning difficulties. The danger also concerns pregnant women, because the impregnation with lead by water can increase the risk of obesity during pregnancy or even spontaneous abortion.
Contrary to popular belief, exposure to lead presents a real danger to our health. The law on the replacement of lead pipes deserves to be reviewed, as this affects the public, particularly children and pregnant women. However, the penetration of lead into water is minimal compared to that of paints. In addition, cases of poisoning associated with the existence of lead in drinking water are occasional.

Compliance with the regulatory standard of decent housing

In addition, since the application of this standard, a lack of conformity may engage the responsibility of an owner or a co-ownership trustee. According to the decree on decent housing, the lessor has the obligation to deliver to his tenant a rented property without risk to health.  In addition, in the event of a legal dispute between owner or tenant, the latter may accuse the lessor of non-compliance.

How to replace lead pipes?

First, before replacing your lead pipes, you will need to have a diagnosis established. In case the lead concentration exceeds 10 micrograms per liter, you can consider the change. Below this threshold, you are at peace.

Which materials to choose for the pipes?

You have several alternatives with regard to lead substitution materials, namely PVC, cast iron, PER, or copper pipes… The latter proves to be a better solution because copper is metal at the same time safe, profitable, and sustainable. It is also a preferred material in the design of drinking water pipes due to its anti-bacterial, anti-algae, and anti-fungi properties, which promote the conservation of healthy water.

This will save you, in fact, unpleasant surprises such as the incompatibility of materials, electrolysis, or reduced flow.

Check the state of wear of the pipes

This professional will probably take several samples during the day. The price of this analysis costs approximately between 50 to 80 dollars per sample. Note that the costs of this diagnosis are the responsibility of the owner or the syndicate of co-ownership.

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